Isn’t life beautiful? Finding all the little things that bring a smile to one’s face. Stopping to appreciate a moment of silence in the middle of the day. Seeing the first flowers of spring blossom on a beautiful day. Waking early just to catch the sunrise. Making time to practise yoga. Meditating.
I teach meditation and relaxation techniques to people and it’s something that I have a passion for. It is such a life changing experience and for those that stick to it, the results are waiting to be found.
Here are some of the accolades that I’ve received from clients:

I started meditating each day as soon as I rose from bed. It took awhile at first to make it part of my routine, but now it’s a part of who I am! I sleep better, feel much more energized throughout my day, and find that the little things just don’t bother me anymore. Thank you

You were right – consistency is key – As soon as I made it a part of my daily routine (I would find a quiet room on my lunch break and take 15 minutes for myself) I started feeling really relaxed quite quickly. Taking a moment before sleep to express my gratitude for all that I have – brilliant! Thank you for introducing me to a better life