tears during meditation

Why do I cry

tears during meditationI was meditating with my daughter this evening. Sitting beside each other quietly, she asks me a question:

…..*opening 1 eye to look at her*… Yes…?
Why is it that sometimes when I meditate, I cry? Sometimes I get a tear on my face.
That’s because sometimes when we meditate we let go of things that upset us. When that energy is released we get a sense of relief – that tear may be a happy tear, showing us that we’ve let go of something that we now feel relieved about.
So it’s not a sad tear?
Well… I don’t know – do you feel sad?
No… I feel good.
Well, do you think it might be a happy tear then?
Actually, I think it IS a happy tear!
Hey, congratulations! Okay – we’re finished meditating… let’s give thanks. *

I start to give thanks and this time I feel a tightness in my chest and a tear runs down my own cheek – I’ve no idea why…but a wave of overwhelming peacefulness runs through me. Funny – on one hand I’d like her to notice it but decide not to point it out.